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Update - what's on at Dacon?

Dacon is now rapidly approaching, 24th-26th September 2010, and a weekend of great entertainment is nearing its final planning stages.

Take a look at some of the stuff that's going to be happening:

There will be a full itinerary of parties, panels, games, guest talks and general mayhem running over the whole weekend with TWO programs running side by side giving you the option on what you want to be a part of.

What's happening at Goldensprout

A few things to get out there and make you all aware of so time for a newsletter....

Firstly a couple of things we have been up to.

On Friday 23rd April Robert was the special guest and speaker at the Brentford St. George's day celebrations. A fine day was had by all and it was good to see a few club members pop along and join us in The Flying Swan (AKA - The Magpie and Crown) for some welll earned ale and toot.

Seven - September 09

A very short newsletter this month as I just wanted to share some things that aren't in the next magazine (with you in the next 7-10 days) but might be of interest - these have appeared on the website so if you have seen them already, sorry:)

Retromancer Proof Copy.

Six - August 2009

Another month, another newsletter. I won't be putting to much in this as I am currently putting the next magazine together for publishing and mailing out by (hopefully) the first week in September.

Good to have some down-time after the madness that was July - The Brentford Dock Weekend, The London Film and Comic Con and then the Pirate Birthday Party - so what's up coming and worth mentioning?

Five - July 2009

I'm a few days early with this newsletter but I wanted to make sure you all up to date as there is a lot going on through July and I wanted to give you as much notice as possible....

Four - June 2009

(Webmaster's note: apologies if anyone receives this twice. We had a technical glitch with our webserver, which should now be resolved, but a few copies may have gone out twice. Also, if anyone has been trying to reset their password in the last few days and didn't receive the email, please try again. If you still have trouble please drop us an email. Now back to your usual Newsletter...)

Three - May 2009

Hi to all you sprouts out there, here it is - newsletter number three. I am going to keep this short as the next magazine is out at the end of May (and there won't be a June Newsletter, unless there is any breaking news) but there were a couple of things I felt should be out there now.....

London Sci-Fi Week.

Two - April 2009

Hi and welcome to this, the second newsletter of the new club.

Only 55 days until the next issue of the magazine should be with you so I figured it was time for an update on what is going on with the club and what we are looking forward to in the near future. I hope to get a news letter out like this every month, with the exception of magazine issue months, but only if there is anything to tell you.

Large 4

One - update

Order of the Golden Sprout

Newsletter Number 1 - Update

It has become clear, from e-mails received, that there are a couple of things I need to clear up from my initial newsletter, here goes.

Problems on the web-site - these are in hand. We are trying to add as much content and interactivity as possible on what is a very new site. Our Webmaster, James Shields, is working his socks off to keep up with any any errors as they occur and this will be, whilst not everyones ideal, the DB's of a site...... I hope Smiling

The Big Party


Order of the Golden Sprout
News letter No.1

A big hello to all of you out there, past and present members of Sproutlore and present members of The Order of the Golden Sprout.

This is the first news-letter of the new club and a format I will use to get information out to you if there is important news with too long until the next magazine. It is also the last time I will send it by this means, the Sproutlore shop mailing list, in future they will come via the new websites newsletter mailing list.
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