Robert Rankin is the worlds only perveyor of far fetched fiction, at least that is what he claims. He has been known to make things up.

Not a bad thing actually, to date he has made up THIRTY stories that have successfully made it into the printed form, or what we now commonly know as novels. And very enjoyable they are too.

Much to Robert's dismay they (the books)  are still  to be found rubbing shoulders and tussling for space amongst the many other books on the Sci-Fi / Fantasy shelves of your local book-seller or library and not on the far-fetched fiction shelves which, for some inexplicable reason, do not exist.

Robert was born as the last vestiges of the Victorian era dissappeared into history, or possibly 1949 and most likely on the 27th July. At least we hope this to be true, as I write this plans are being drawn up to mark the momentous occasion as he approaches his 60th year.

During his formative years Robert tried his hand at many things, mostly of an artistic bent, and has chanced his arm as both a musician and an illustrator before discovering his true calling as a writer with his first published novel The Antipope in 1981. He still continues to dabble with the music; and illustration / sculpture play a major part in his life with him exercising his talent producing artwork for his book covers as well as a multitude of other material related to his writings.

Robert has a large and devoted following many of whom will be found at the numurous events organised by his fanclub (formally Sproutlore and now re-branded here) where you will always find Robert in the thick of the action enjoying the "Large" and the "Toot" as he is as dedicated to his fans as they are to him.

His 30th book Necrophenia has just launched, and as usual with some style, as a weekend of parties and special events followed by a week of book-signing events around the UK to mark its arrival. His next novel Retromancer, a sequel to The Brightonomicon, is now keenly anticipated.