The dawn of a new age

It seems apt that my first blog entry should come at the end of the first club event that I have organised and run and where the old club handed over to the new club, James stepped down as leader and I took on that (heavy) mantle of responsibility.

I'm not going to give a blow by blow account of the launch weekend here as I am sure there will be plenty of information and pictures elsewhere as well as a full report in the next magazine, the first of the new club. Watch out for it through your letterbox around the end of February - I will post regularly here as the painfull process of its birth comes to fruition! Enough to say that whilst I maintained an outward visage of calm composure underneath I was desperately paddling to keep things afloat.

I suppose the best proof of the weekend was the feedback from all those there and this was certainly very positive and I thank-you all for the kind words, to my knowledge all had a good time.

Here's to the next one which is already in the planning stage........



ahoy captain

Hi Ian

Well, i finally found my way here, a changing of the guard and a brand new site, dawns of ages indeed.

i'm sure it must have been a very emotional time for both you and James, and i am trully sorry that i didn't see the handing over of the reins / reigns. I know that sproutlore was a way of life for James and for many others and i'm sure that the new order will become a way of life for all concearned as i know you have a deep seated love for what you are doing.

So, i'd just like to wish you all the best in the new venture Ian, and indeed bless all who sail in her / get drunk in her name, and hope that the love and generosity, fun and games that we have all come to know and adore continues with much more of the same and more.

And lets hope that no one has to sell their soul to any fallen angels to gain the weather we have for so long been accustomed to at the new orders get togethers, lol.

Will be catching up with Robert later today in Nottingham, and will hopefully catch up with you all at some bar or other in the near future, drunken repribates that we are Smiling

And in the imortal words of one Swan regular:

God Bless All Here

... and mine's a pint of large



The Dawn of a new age

As a not at all that active ‘Ex’ member of sproutlore I am looking forward to the bright new dawn of the Order of the Golden Sprout.
And as I wish to be at least a little bit more regular in my attendance, may your subsequent events be as excellent as the first.
As for the passing of the mantle, nay torch of frivolous eccentric entertainment and assorted merriment, long may it burn bright, and be a light load to carry...

Long live the Sprout

All the best for The Golden Sprout Ian, your 1st event was a definate success, hope all goes well for everything else...


Re: The dawn of a new age

I was informed that I should add something to the forum in order to be recognized as human. It is not the first time that question has been posed to me. I see that this blog is over seven years old, so I can only hope that this will still count. Being stuck in the extreme north-ease of the state of Ohio in the usa, I will likely never be able to attend any functiions nor visit the pristine village of Brentford (as it is in my mind's eye). I chanced upon your books by finding the title of Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse and being unable to resist aything that odd. I had a similar experience with the american author, Christopher Moore, when I found a used copy of The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove. I have read all of your books, most of them two or three times over. I am a chronic pain patient, and sometimes you need just the right book to become distracted. I thank youmost sincerely for providing me with many hours of forgetting myself and following the far-fetched fiction which you create with just the right combination of intelligence, wit, and extreme, I am a sucker for repetitive jokes. I have no clue what sort of beer a "Large" is, but I wish I had one in front of me now.

Re: The dawn of a new age

Hi "Beamme".
I'm afraid that this site is as good as dead now. And Mr Rankin (who used to post here as "The Grandmaster" hasn't visited in a couple of years.
Large is like an American craft beer. Brown, neither pale nor too dark. Stronger and with more flavo(u)r than Coors or Bud.

Re: The dawn of a new age

We put on a few "Large" events in Derby, England, some years back.A brewery called Castle Rock brewed it for us.
The 1st year Robert came along to the brewery to help with the beer style
We did it again the next 2 years
& had a small event a few years later where no "Large" was brewed, but we traveled round several pubs voting fo the beer we most felt was "Large" how we felt it should be.

Re: The dawn of a new age

Thx 1 more time!