Order of the Golden Sprout
News letter No.1

A big hello to all of you out there, past and present members of Sproutlore and present members of The Order of the Golden Sprout.

This is the first news-letter of the new club and a format I will use to get information out to you if there is important news with too long until the next magazine. It is also the last time I will send it by this means, the Sproutlore shop mailing list, in future they will come via the new websites newsletter mailing list.
What does this mean to you? Well if you are a past member who has no interest in what the club or Robert is doing now and no desire to hear from us then you can sleep safe, you won’t. However, if you are interested, do want to know what activities and events we are planning, where Robert is going to be and what for then you need to get across to the new club and join!

Magazines and Membership

So what news? Well the first magazine went out and by accounts was well received with some nice feedback coming to me as well as some well thought out and constructive criticism (always welcome) – thanks. A lot of you were asked to renew, and indeed a lot of you have though there are many still to do so. I hope you like what you saw and the direction the club is going in and I sincerely hope the rest of you will renew soon – we have some big things planned and it would be a shame to miss out on them for the sake of what is, after-all, only £1.33 a month, that’s not even a half a pint of beer!

If you are reading this and are a long time ex-member and you would like to see the first issue of the new club magazine then drop me a line, with your details and we’ll get a copy to you – this only while stock printed for this purpose lasts. More importantly, if you are not a long time ex-member and think you should have actually got the magazine then again please do contact me at the same address and again, we will sort something out.

For any overseas members, please if you haven’t had your copy yet and think you should give it another 7-10 days to allow for postal times – especially our American and Australian cousins…….

100th Birthday Bash

Put it in the diary Guys and Girls  24th – 26th July is the weekend of the biggest party this summer!
It will be London / Brentford / Kew area and it will take place over the whole weekend.
The program is being pulled together now and we have two / three big events happening over the weekend.
To the crunch – I can’t divulge exactly what will be happening as this is down to total numbers attending as this will determine the budget but there will be beer, food, music, toot, general silliness and pirates!
I therefore need a leap of faith from all you good people out there so I can pull it all together.

If I am to realize all the specific activities then the price per person will be (and these are the maximum it will go to)

£25 per head for members
£35 per head for non-members

At this price we are number dependant and I am aiming big (though if response is massive, as I hope, then some of the events will be restricted so – first come first served)

To make it easier on everyone, especially me Eye-wink I am going to ask you to join the event and pay a deposit of £10, this facility will be available on the new website within the next 24 hours. Deposits must be paid by 1st of May.

This will leave me in a position of knowing exactly what number I can expect and therefore what activities I can book and there will then be a full report in the next issue of the club magazine at the end of May.

Should take up not be big enough for everything I am planning then alternative programs will kick in and this is what will be announced in the magazine, this may result in a reduction of the overall price which I will advise at this time.

Balance for the weekend will be due by 1st July and I will send paypal request for these direct to you. Please be aware that there will be no refunds of the deposits (unless the event is cancelled by the club) and non-payment of the due balance in July will exclude you from entry.

Yours in Sproutdom

Ian Case