One - update

Order of the Golden Sprout

Newsletter Number 1 - Update

It has become clear, from e-mails received, that there are a couple of things I need to clear up from my initial newsletter, here goes.

Problems on the web-site - these are in hand. We are trying to add as much content and interactivity as possible on what is a very new site. Our Webmaster, James Shields, is working his socks off to keep up with any any errors as they occur and this will be, whilst not everyones ideal, the DB's of a site...... I hope Smiling

The Big Party

This is complicated and I may not have done myself any favors by asking for some faith in me - most of you won't even know me! For those that do know me, spread a little hope guys and girls Eye-wink

I am asking a lot, £10 deposit and another £15 to come! This is the maximum I will ask, if we get too little wanting to come then an alternative program kicks in and the price will be less. More importantly, if we get above my target number (that covers minimum cost) then I will do the right thing, the price will go down for the final payment.

It could, in theory; if we get a turnout as big as the gunnersburry park wedding, go down to as little as £15 total.

So what is the big cost - Well it is Robert's 60th Birthday and there are a number of things afoot but the biggest is the Saturday event - A private river cruiser up the Thames to Kew, music, bar, pirates and another wedding. Then into the pub for a night of party - more beer, disco, buffet etc.

This is what you are predominantly buying into - there will be a weekend program around this and again this depends on those coming and therefore cost / funding.

There is a minimum number required to fund the Saturday and the boat, I need to know I have that before I book hence the deposit system.

That's it really, could I be more upfront? 


Just one other thing - I have not had one negative comment from anyone; I have had questions and constructive critisism - I welcome both. Even then they have been prefaced by a positive spin and words of support. You people are great and I thank you Smiling