Computer Death

Switched on my 'puter this morning, it made a fizzy noise followed by a pop and went dead. Found a new power cable (after much digging in the garage) - fitted it and all seemed to be right with the world.

Two hours late, and half way though editing some video to DVD it stopped dead and has stubbornly refused to work since, boll**ks.

Have now stripped it down and removed the hard drive and am jury rigging a power adaptor and SATA to firewire 400 adaptor to see if I can rescue all my files!

A trip to the Apple store will be on the agenda when payday rolls around - Oh well, I wanted one of the new Imacs (pentium) with the 24" screen and built in Isight. Mine was on older G5 power chip model and 20" screen.

Hopefully I will be able to rescue all the files, both personal and club related, when I get the new one. In the meantime I am forced to slum it on the wife's mac mini just to keep in touch and keep everything ticking over....... 


There's always a silver

There's always a silver lining, got my new iMac today and it is now all set up an running. Also managed to get my little jury-rig up and running and extract all the files off the hard drive from my old machine so everything is back to how it should be but shinnier and bigger Smiling

Next pay day I suggest you

Next pay day I suggest you buy yourself a very big eternal drive and set yourself up Time Machine.

Tis done!

Tis done!