Six - August 2009

Another month, another newsletter. I won't be putting to much in this as I am currently putting the next magazine together for publishing and mailing out by (hopefully) the first week in September.

Good to have some down-time after the madness that was July - The Brentford Dock Weekend, The London Film and Comic Con and then the Pirate Birthday Party - so what's up coming and worth mentioning?

From the club, not much in the near future though plans are afoot and our BIG event for next year is now well and truly in the planning phase and has moved from the drawing board to an implementation with a hotel arranged and deals struck. There will be much more on this in the coming months and via both this newsletter and the magazine but what we need now is to see people making a commitment so we can finalise all the main arrangements - so far we have, after only one week of notification of the event, five fully paid up members. This is great news - thanks.

Pop over to the website and check it out, if you can't afford the full membership right away then you can sign up as a supporting member.

DA'CON - Check it out HERE

Club things aside, there are a couple of up-coming events that are worth knowing about and almost certainly worth getting to if you can.

First of these is The Steampunk Weekend at the Asylum. Robert is a guest and a weekend of all things Steampunk is promised. It takes place in Lincoln over the 11-13 September and you can find out more HERE

Secondly there is the SFX Weekender. Robert is, as befits a man of his stature, one of the guests and will be appearing amongst a myriad of other stars from all walks of Fantasy and Sci-Fi. This takes place in February 2010 and there are quite a few club members already going.......

Take a look at the website and then get onto our forum to find like-minded club members to share your Chalet with.

More info HERE

Said I was going to keep it short:) See you in the Funny Papers;)