Toby Frost

Wrath of the Lemming Men

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5 stars

This is Toby Frost's best yet. Isambard Smith and his crew take on the Lemming men who are sworn to destroy him when not being distracted by great heights from which they can't help but throw themselves. This story has more sub plots and it is told from more points of view. The characters have filled out and true friendships are growing. The constant nods to other sci-fi stories are now joined by references to Thomas the Tank Engine, The Chipmunks and Watership Down.

God Emperor of Didcot

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4 stars - author Toby Frost

This is the second of the chronicles of space captain Isambard Smith.
Where the first book is a tribute to just about every sci fi sci fi book and film ever made, this one is mainly a tribute to Dune.
The evil Ghast empire has taken the tea producing planet of Didcot and the British Empire is likely to fall without the moral fibre generated by its much needed tea. The tea must flow!

With his crew, Captain Smith must muster an army to take on the Ghasts and the fanatical Edenites.

Space Captain Smith

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5 Stars on this one - Author Toby Frost

I loved it! Space Captain Smith is desperate to 'have a metal at Gertie (the evil Ghast Empire) and show it his crack' (but the other way round). The British Empire with all its hang ups about foreigners combined with its belief of supremacy is catapulted into the future making for a hilarious romp where tea is the staple and a handlebar moustache is not for hanging on to.

Captain Isambard Smith if a lovely mixture of morality, pomposity, decency, bravery and a complete inability to cope with women.

Space Captain Smith. (chronicles of Isambard Smith 1)

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Space is often a difficult place to live in, and here in the 25th century the British Space Empire dont do difficult.
The Captain has a new chance to take the John Pym Spaceship on a mission, They don't really want him back, he is trouble no matter how much distance is between them!
With the Captain on board is his faithful friend Suruk the Slayer, the reason Smith keeps coming back.

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