Space Captain Smith

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5 Stars on this one - Author Toby Frost

I loved it! Space Captain Smith is desperate to 'have a metal at Gertie (the evil Ghast Empire) and show it his crack' (but the other way round). The British Empire with all its hang ups about foreigners combined with its belief of supremacy is catapulted into the future making for a hilarious romp where tea is the staple and a handlebar moustache is not for hanging on to.

Captain Isambard Smith if a lovely mixture of morality, pomposity, decency, bravery and a complete inability to cope with women. Falling in love with a free spirit/ free love hippy who he has to deliver to safety results in what must be the most inept courtship in history.

Accompanied by an escaped sex simulant who becomes his pilot on the strength of being the only one who has read the Haynes Manual and a skull collection alien (Predator), he manages to stumble his way through the adventure.

Sci fi buffs will enjoy playing spot the reference as the story bounds through just about every sci fi film known to man and the constant stream of innuendo had me hooting

However, alongside all the fun, the story doesn't pull punches when it comes to the action, there is killing, mayhem and excitement to had as well.