Terry Pratchett

Going Postal

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I've been enjoying getting back into some of Terry Pratchett's books after a hiatus of several years.

This means that I've missed quite a few, and I've not necessarily reading them in order, so there are gaps that I've obviously missed. In this book the obvious one is the Grand Trunk or "Clacks" - signalling towers that run the length of Diskworld transmitting messages like a slightly more manual internet. I'm not sure when they first turned up, but I do recall them being well established in The Truth.

The Fifth Elephant

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The Fifth Elephant by Terry Pratchett - 2.5 out of 5

Well I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to write about this one. When I'm reading through a novel (or listen in the car as an Audio book) I make some notes about what I though, so I have something to write up at the end. The trouble is, despite trying to think of things to note down, I only have two notes for this one.
1) Sam Vimes is in it
2) The word “sighed” is used to much.
Other than that I'm left with a quick plot summery.

Night Watch

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I actually listened to this on audio book (cassette tapes!), read by Stephen Briggs. I've got to say for a humorous fantasy, there is very little humour or fantasy in there. That said it's a decent book, with good characters, a good story & it's pretty grim in places too, especially when they come across the torture chambers.

The basic premise is that Sam Vimes of the Night Watch is accidentally sent back in time along with the criminal Carcer. The History Monks will help him return but not before he gets involved in a major Revolution.

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