Night Watch

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I actually listened to this on audio book (cassette tapes!), read by Stephen Briggs. I've got to say for a humorous fantasy, there is very little humour or fantasy in there. That said it's a decent book, with good characters, a good story & it's pretty grim in places too, especially when they come across the torture chambers.

The basic premise is that Sam Vimes of the Night Watch is accidentally sent back in time along with the criminal Carcer. The History Monks will help him return but not before he gets involved in a major Revolution. I found Vimes to be just a bit to good at everything though, especially the bit where he re-traces his steps by the feel of the ground under his feet. Although the time travel element wasn't mentioned a great deal (in fact the story could have works about as well without it), it was nice to see some of Ankh-Morporks better known characters like Vetinari & Dibbler when they were starting out.

This is one of the few later Diskworld novels I've come across & you can defiantly see a change in style from the earlier ones. Flashes of humour are there but in the main it's a pretty grim oldie-worldy story. I may just have to get hold of some more.


Sorry to disappoint you Geoff

Sorry to disappoint you Geoff

There are a couple of

There are a couple of Discworld books on the darker side.

Awww, I thought this was

Awww, I thought this was going to be about the Russian book of the same name. Ah well.