Worlds End (Sandman Vol. 8)

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Like volumes 3 & 6 this is really a collection of short stories. Framed around people trapped at an Inn (poor buggers) whilst a storm rages outside, telling stories to help pass the time in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales style. Volumes with one continuous story arc work better for me than these shorter stories though. The artwork is stunning as ever, with each section illustrated by a different artist(s) highlighting a different style for each story.

The stand-out story for me was Cerements. Where we visit the Necropolis, a city of the dead. Though there are six main tales here some have stories within stories, but I felt some of the shorter tales were just to short. I'd like some of these sections to have been expanded upon a bit more. There are so many ideas here and all stuffed into one of the shorter Sandman volumes.

Every time I read a new one of these, I always find myself flicking back through older volumes to find out where characters have appeared before & what they have done. I especially liked that the procession at the end ties back in nicely to the greater story of the Sandman & the Endless.


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I might have said this before, senior moments are getting more common, but I used to be an avid comic collector in my early days (18-25) and then sold the lot and gave it up. I rediscovered the graphic story telling format through the sandman collections about six years ago and I was hooked once again....

I now am once again a big collector, but only in the graphic novel collection form, and have amassed a reasonable shelf full (probably about 3K worth at market price) and am always looking for new sets worth completing.

Not sure if that's a good or bad thing but it was Gaiman and Sandman that got me started.......

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I only get them in graphic novel collection form too. But they are so damned expensive that I don't have anywhere near as many as I'd like.

Apart from Gaiman & Alan Moore, what would you recommend Ian? I'm not really into the SuperHero ones, but anything else.

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A difficult one if you discount superhero types - Powers by Bendis is good and plays a twist on the superhero game, marvell zombies are fun, the walking dead is great, and my favorite is Fables.....