The Brentford Triangle

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The Second adventure in the Brentford Trilogy is an extremely addictive read. Not only for the quality of the story, but for the sheer absurdity of the mind of the author. Take a normal object like a golf club, a golf ball and add them to an allotment complete with sheds and water butts and a host of vegetables and you get to she Rankins genius at work. Pooley and Omally have been banned from every corporation golf course, so they result to using the local allotments for their ball whacking fun. Complete with rule book to make sure neither of them cheats and a quick escape route in case someone spots them, the happy golfers spend many an hour smashing the heads off of carrots and mashing plenty of sprout. But, as you can expect this is just a diversion for them. For once again, there is trouble ahead.

A long time ago the Earth was run by a race called the Cereans. They hailed from Atlantis, but due to it sinking, they moved to the underground caverns that lay deep below the surface of Brentford. The time is soon to come when they re-take the planets surface, all they have to do is wait for their fellow Cereans to return from outer space. Does the sinister Captain Laser attack machine - than Neville the part time barman believes to be evil – really just make a noise or is it hiding a secret device for contacting the Cereans. And why does the local paperboy have green hair? Could he be one of the Cereans or just a computer obsessed freak?

Will Pooley and Omally give up their golfing exploits long enough to save the Borough. And just why does Norman have a zero gravity camel in his lock up garage? Read the Brentford Triangle and find out.

Reviewed by David V.Baker