Waterstones Chiswick

Waterstones Chiswick Three suspicious looking characters......


Hee hee

Who are you calling shushpishious!?

I just can't believe I didn't go over and snog Peter Davison... although I might have done if his wife and kids weren't there! :oP

Re: Hee hee

Peter Davidson... he's the one in the tramp hat on the left then? He's let himself go a bit...

Re: Waterstones Chiswick

Is Graham asking Robert if it is worth the money Jawdropping! Laughing out loud

Re: Waterstones Chiswick

He's actually saying "so I like Terry Pratchett / Jasper Fford (insert name of choice), is this similar?" }:)

Sorry Robert..... ;)

Re: Waterstones Chiswick

Actually, he's looking at the cover and muttering "where does this bloke get his ideas?"

Alternatively, I can't remember what he was saying at the time, if anything.

Re: Waterstones Chiswick

I suppose the man on the left ( the fourth persoon ) yes indeed the one with the extraordinary peace of nitwork on the head isn't suspicious at all