St.George and the Ripper


This has now transformed in to a two day weekend event....

On the Friday (23rd) Robert will be taking part in the Brentford St.Georges day celebrations which will most likely involve him doing a spot on stage as well as having a stall for book signing etc. At the moment there is not a lot of information but there is much talk of food stalls, british ale stalls, bands, morris men and so on. All taking place in Brentford and centred around the magistrates court.

Come along if you can, I'm sure in the evening we will sample much ale and talk much toot....

Then on the Saturday - Son of the Ripper.

Many years ago (ok - about four) the club, under the excellent guidance of Dr. Hill, ran a Jack the Ripper walk and talk around White Chapel. Much fun was had (despite the cold weather at the time) and we spent the evening in a pub drinking, talking toot and deciding the true identity of Jack....

We have decided to run this event again, there are so many new members that weren't around to attend and existing members that couldn't make it that it just makes sense Smiling

It will take place on the 24th April with all those wanting to join in meeting at 'The Blind Begger' pub in Whitechapel at 1300Hrs.

Basic plan is to have a couple of pints then do the tour and then retire to another pub (most likely 'The Market Trader') and their function room where ale will be supped, toot will be talked and things with a Ripper theme will happen Eye-wink

Come to both or come to whichever you can, there will be a small cost of £5 per head for those coming to the ripper walk, this to cover pub room, and payable on the day to either myself or Graham.

Interested? Let us know if you are going to come along so we have a rough idea of numbers.



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yes to both days, looks like Bungle will be there with bells on, or no bells to be more precise...

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Excellent - any more?

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Did someone say Ale?
The 2 day thing is making it more interesting for me, when will we know more about the Fri thing?

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Just me and just for the Saturday.

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What more do you need to know? It's on Friday, it starts at 1500Hrs, its by the magistrates court, there will be lots of stalls and activities going on and there will be ale.....

Oh, and Robert will be acting up as usual;)

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Hmmm right across from the Swan

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What is it with Rankin events & clashes? Do you guysplan these things in just to make my life tough.

One of the few things we have in the diary for the year is also on Fri 23rd

The Psychoville / Rope Event:

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Plan? There's no plan:P

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I will likely be about.

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well isnt this conveinient i have to go to norwich on the 24th(to see a band) but i think i can make the 23rd in brentford Smiling does anyone know if there are any cheap hostels around that area?