Dining with Dinosaurs!


A Grand Joint Picnic in Crystal Palace London, with our great mates ZZ9, The Douglas Adams Fan Club. Many Golden sprouts are also ZZ9 Members, so it it will be a great opportunity to meet up with friends old and new.

If you hope / plan to come along let us know HERE

This is an open event to all friends of either The Order of the Golden Sprout or ZZ9 Smiling





Re: Dining with Dinosaurs!

We will be meeting at the main entrance to Crystal Palace Rail Station for 1pm.

Re: Dining with Dinosaurs!

>"for 1pm"
Which means that we eff off to picnic AT 1pm, not that we'll hang around at the station until 1.35 for some lazy northerner who couldn't be bothered to get up at 4am to catch the first train down to London only to discover that Crystal Palace is in South London and that they have to get across London and then get a train out the other side.
If anyone IS late we will be heading towards the dinos first so you should manage to catch up with us there.