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On Saturday the 18th September Robert will be at Forbidden Planet London signing his newest novel - The Japanese Devil Fishgirl and other Unnatural Attractions.

As is the tradition all those coming are invited to join us in the local hostelry (The Angel) for a couple of beers after the signing BUT there's more :) We will be moving from The Angel and heading for Brentford where we will re-group at The Flying Swan (The Magpie and Crown) where the drinking of ale and talking of toot will continue into the wee small hours AND Robert will be launching and signing copies of his brand-new book of FICTS :) complete with limited edition book plate :O8)

More details will follow and it will be great to see as many of you there as can make it.


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Thats a pity as I will be at Fantasycon that weekend in Nottingham. Sad

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Fantasycon:? How does that compare to an afternoon and evening in the the company of Robert Rankin, lots of ale, lots of toot and TWO book signings - Billy I'm ashamed of you}:);)

Have a good time at the con mate:), shame you won't be along:(

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Well Robert could come to the Con and launch his book there. Laughing out loud Eye-wink

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cool and the gang - thats my birthday weekend Smiling

what time is the signinging thing?

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Bother, clashes with Doctor When's BBQ for medieval re-encators

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Should I be free and have enough money (including travel and the actual cost of the book, along with other expenses it comes to just over £40) then I shall certainly be along with a book or ten.
Looking forward to it!

Re: Book Signing event, Sharing accomodation?

I am wanting to share a room on the 18th. I've been looking at hotels and the travel lodge seems the best bet.

London Kew Bridge Travel lodge
North Road
High Street

looks to be about 0.5 miles away and they want £65.50 for a twin room, though they list a 3 person family room at the same rate, but supect thats 1 double and a single. So if 2 other's don't mind sharing?

(The Magpie and crown 128 High Street, Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 8EW )

If any one knows of a cheaper hotel or B&B near to the above pub, please let me know.


Re: Book Signing event, Sharing accomodation?

I believe most people will be at The Premier Inn at the junction of High St & Ealing Rd

The Princess Royal is cheaper

Re: Book Signing event, Sharing accomodation?

Kings Arms by Brentford Station is also reasonable.

Holiday Inn / Premier Inn / Travel Lodge all do deals that render them quite cheap if available for the date wanted.