100th Birthday Bash - Pirate Boat Party

24 Jul 2009 19:26
26 Jul 2009 16:26

The big event this summer will take place over the weekend of the 24, 25 and 26th of July. To celebrate Robert's 60th Birthday and the Necrophenia paperback launch we will be spending the Saturday cruising up the Thames on our private boat to Kew Bridge, from here we will disembark to Fangio's Bar where we will enjoy an evening of booze, buffet, music and toot....

Full itinerary here:

  • Friday: Early arrivers meet at The Flying Swan (The Magpie and Crown) for social, ie. Beer and Toot. 1900Hrs onwards.
  • Saturday: Meet at Festival Pier at 1200-1215Hrs for boarding and embarkation up the river, the boat will sail at 1230Hrs promptly so don't be late or you'll have to swim along behind. There will be nibbles and a bar on the boat and entertainment is being arranged.
    Land at Kew approximately 1530Hrs - from here we can head straight to Fangio's where the buffet will be available at 1900Hrs and music /disco for the evening.
  • Sunday: 1200Hrs Dead dog party at The Flying Swan with the usual obligatory raffle / auction, come along for as long as you can and have a farewell drink - ends when we have all had enough!

Tickets are £10 per head and available via the  Event and Competition link on this site, please be aware than you cannot turn up on the day for the boat ride as I have to account for numbers before hand - you must book your place.

Theme for the Saturday is PIRATES, fancy dress is optional but highly encouraged.

We will be holding the draw for the part in the next radio play adaptation of Robert's book Retromancer on the Saturday - you can get your tickets through the site and we will be selling them on the day. This is a once in a life-time opportunity and buying a ticket will help two worthy causes with half the money going to the club and half to the Stroke Ascociation Charity


Was it really ten years ago

Was it really ten years ago that we celebrated Robert's 50th in the Florence Nightingale?

I remember it well

I remember it well Tempus Fugit and all that,many a pint has flown under the bridge since then.Eye-wink Eye-wink


If pints have flown under the bridge you really need to modify your technique.

Maybe it should have

Maybe it should have flowed,but this is Sproutmagic


Just paid my deposit - see you all in July!

Stan xxxx

And were the first (of, I

And were the first (of, I hope, many) to do so Stan, nice one.



ok, so how do i pay my

ok, so how do i pay my deposit? i'm being computer illiterate again....



You just go here Lee

You just go here Lee Smiling

Birthday Bash tickets 


Oh, and a question from me - how are you buggers getting smileys? 

Ahhh I know how to suck up!

Ahhh I know how to suck up! Eye-wink

Only a couple of months away now - better give that pirate shirt an airing!

Stan xxx

It wasn't in the Florence

It wasn't in the Florence Nightingale, we had a boat trip then ended in a pub near Sion Park that had a bus in it.