Order of the Golden Sprout? What happened to Sproutlore?

Sproutlore is no more. After more than ten years of service Sproutlore's illustrious leader, Mr James Bacon, decided to retire from service to the fans of Rankin, and passed he torch to a new leader.

Our new guv'nor Ian "Captain Fantastic" Case, after much consultation and deliberation, decided not to retain the old name as Sproutlore was very much James' thing. James was Sproutlore and Sproutlore was James.

The new club retains the approval of Robert himself, so here we are, a new club with a new name, a new leader, a new deputy (Dr Graham Hill), a new website (although James Shields stays on as the club's webmaster), a new magazine, and a new Official Robert Rankin Fan Club: The Order of the Golden Sprout. 

We hope you'll show the new club the same support you showed Sproutlore, and look forward to seeing you all at future events of a sproutie nature.