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Computer Death

Switched on my 'puter this morning, it made a fizzy noise followed by a pop and went dead. Found a new power cable (after much digging in the garage) - fitted it and all seemed to be right with the world.

Two hours late, and half way though editing some video to DVD it stopped dead and has stubbornly refused to work since, boll**ks.

Have now stripped it down and removed the hard drive and am jury rigging a power adaptor and SATA to firewire 400 adaptor to see if I can rescue all my files!

Forbidden Planet - Saturday 17th January

Made it along to this, the final signing of the tour, though slightly late. It was good to see a decent crowd turn up and a few familiar faces along to give support.

Managed to squeeze in a couple of pints and talk some toot and had an enjoyable day.

That is now most of the madness of the book-launch all finished with, I don't know how Robert copes - I only did the start and end whilst he has been on the road all week and still looked fresher than me! What a star.

Full steam ahead on the first magazine now....... 

The dawn of a new age

It seems apt that my first blog entry should come at the end of the first club event that I have organised and run and where the old club handed over to the new club, James stepped down as leader and I took on that (heavy) mantle of responsibility.

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