I, Lucifer

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This is a seriously good book, well written and compelling. Lucifer is
placed in a human body and given a chance by God to redeem himself. The story is told from Lucifer’s point of view and and one can’t help but feel empathy with him. Some seriously scary questions are asked, such as ‘Since God is all seeing, how did the Serpent get into the Garden of Eden in the first place?’ God, from Lucifer’s point of view is unkind, unfair and full of ulterior motives. The scary thing is that when Lucifer puts forward his arguments, it’s difficult to find fault with them.
Theology aside it’s a real page turner and I couldn’t put it down.
Lucifer’s excesses at the start of his ‘holiday’ are very funny and
the whole is written with satirical humour mixed with some very disturbing scenes. When I finished it I felt both satisfied and uncomfortable. One isn’t supposed to feel sympathy for the devil.