The Devil Wears Prada

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An enjoyable, easy to read book about an aspiring writer, Andrea Sachs, who somehow gets herself sucked into becoming the junior assistant to Miranda Priestly, the nightmare boss and exalted fashion guru not from hell, but from somewhere pretty close. She is told that a year with Miranda Priestly equals three years with anybody else and is a short cut to her ideal job. However, can she survive a year? Andrea's social life, home life, friend and boyfriend all come a very very poor second to Miranda's bizarre and conflicting demands.
The book had its moments and was entertaining but not laugh out loud funny. My biggest problem was a lack of sympathy with Andrea Sachs. She's made out to be a nice person but she makes some very poor judgment calls and when she starts getting it right, she gets it right for the wrong reasons. I was frustrated with her inability to communicate her situation properly to her friends and family, but then I suppose if she had, there wouldn't be a book.
I was hoping for a big revenge end à la 'Life and Loves of a She Devil' (Fay Weldon) but found instead that it sort of petered out into a rather unsatisfactory end.