The Sprouts of Wrath

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The fourth in the now legendary Brentford Trilogy. And why not. Many authors have had trilogies that go over three books, Douglas Adams for one.

Robert Rankin once more takes you on a magical trip around the borough of Brentford and into the lives of Jim Pooley and John Omally. And this time it’s not just their powers of outwitting evil that are called upon, but also their skills as athletes. Due to a quirk of fate and maybe just a small hint of bribery, Birmingham has lost the Olympic games to Brentford. Is it just luck? Or is someone trying to use the magical power of the Brentford Triangle to build their stadium above the town! Yes above! With one of the five legs of the super structure fall right on top of Jim and James successful if not illegal fishery.

The Flying Swan is being threatened with a refit and Norman is using a stunning design for the Brentford Olympic team. The same team that is being trained by Father Moity the local priest

Who is the mysterious Kaleton who is backing the games? And what is Hugo Rune doing at the Gas-o-meter? And was it really a griffin seen on cider island?

Well you know the answer to those questions don’t you? Read the book and find out. Rankin once more has brought his insane genius to us in a great read, one of those ones that will have you returning to the Sprouts of Wrath time after time.

Reviewed by David V.Baker