The Venus Conspiracy

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This is an entertaining murder/mayhem action book, the strength of which was in the scientific research that had gone into it. The hopeless romantic Doctor Bacci creates a drug which can stimulate true love by tampering with the face recognition DNA and other areas of the brain. The science is very good, viral vectors are used to transmit the new DNA and it explains how the new DNA gets past the brain's 'firewall'. All very interesting stuff. What the Doctor doesn't realise is that true love can control people and the opportunities for abuse are endless. Especially since Bacci approaches a private bank recommended to him by his mafia relatives and it doesn't occur to him that it may be run by a family of psychopathic murders.

The story itself is entertaining but rather far fetched. You can see the resolutions which will make the end nice and tidy being built up at the beginning, so none of the resolutions come as a surprise.
There's a rather long spiel at the end about the nature of true love which had me reaching for my sick bag, but other than that, not a bad book.