The Affinity Bridge.

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A sky high detective adventure with Airships.

When you pick up this book the cover is a glorious thing, it glitters and wants you to read it.
How many Airships have you seen around, let alone walked through the airship hangar where they are made. Expand your average transportation ideas and wonder if this would have been a different, happier evolution with robotic airship pilots flying over london.
With a fantastic description of old london, smog and a big dollop of reality the settings in the book are descriptive enough to put you there.
It is a detective novel. The new girl in the office, Hobbs, turns out to be more tomboy and out to be a detective and her new boss Newbury is a tweedy Sherlock, with an interesting weakness.
They have a job to do and dispite some fight scenes with robots and humans the job is as they say jobbed.

Thoughts of having my own airship like Richard Branson have now reduced to a minimum, and I dont reccomend having a robot at the controls either, but then look at the newest computer operated cars coming out....