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Having recently finished reading Bearing an Hour Glass by Piers Anthony, I was struck wondering when concepts were 1st put into print?
The story here follows Chronos in his role at the Incarnation of time. Towards the end of the book he finds himself in a world where time runs backwards. How influential was this on the Red Dwarf episode "Backwards"? It's all there, the backwards speach, the backwards eating & drinking, even the joke about having a poo!
The only stuff not there are the bit's that didn't make sence like the writing being backwards too.
On a less light note, there's another passage where people see their future fate if Satan wins control over Earth & one man sees himself aflicted with AIDS. I wonder if there was any mentioned of this in any other novel prior to this 1984 release?

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Re: "Backwards"
I loved the xanth books for a while, up to about number ten; and then found the punning got rediculous. Not revisited. That aside I did however love his other series that he kept short - Adept, bio of a space tyrant and Incarnations of Immortality. I may go back to the xanth series and play catch up on the old electronic media Smiling On another note - I did have a collection of piers shorts and vaguely remember that many of them were credited as having first appeared in playboy / hustler. This when these magazines still pretended to be man reading with naked girls not just naked girls..... Most of them were quite strange and involved small fairy type girls having sex with full grown human men which leads to this..... ......have you tried "firefly"? Very disturbing with graphic scenes of pedophilia sex, if you have a stomach and open mind then it can be read from a view he tries to explain, but badly, in his expanded version with author notes... Struggled through it a few years back and won't revisit it in this life time.
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Re: "Backwards"

He also did Pornucopia which was cobbled from when he wrote porn stories for Mags, he took a bit of porn he had lying and tagged it on to one he wrote to merge it into a kind of fantasy you can definitly see the join.
Seamus Cullen did it a lot better with one called Astra and Flondrix now that was very funny a seriouly good book.