New Necrophenia Cover (2009 Edition)

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I've been looking for the last few weeks for Necrophenia with the new cover (The one with the picture in the circle on the front, not the skull and clock).
But every book shop I've been in has the old version, and all the websites I've used so far advertising the new cover actually just sent me the old version.
So what I want to know is, does anyone know and websites I could use to get the new cover? Help much appreciated!

JD and Coke
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Re: New Necrophenia Cover (2009 Edition)

I have seen it for sale in Waterstones I think, however eBay seems to show a few but it may be worth asking before a purchase.  Other than that it may be a waiting game till the stocks of the older covers are purchased.  I do like the original cover tho Smiling

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Re: New Necrophenia Cover (2009 Edition)

Have to say I haven't seen this cover being carried anywhere yet, I know that the publishers were only going to do them as the originals ran out and they went to new print runs, easier with the older books than the ones recent at the change....

Good luck with the hunting one down if they are out there Smiling

Deep Black
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Re: New Necrophenia Cover (2009 Edition)

I remember someone else had the same problem a while back, ordering what they thought was the new cover but getting the old.
Definatly worth asking if it's the cover you're after

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Re: New Necrophenia Cover (2009 Edition)

Yeah it was me. They showed the new cover on the page, but I got the old Skull cover. Not so nice...

helter_skelter_ollie (not verified)
Re: New Necrophenia Cover (2009 Edition)

Thanks for the help guys, I'll just have to sit it out and wait. I've got the rest of the new covers (minus Witches of Chiswich and Knees Up Mother Earth) to read anyway.