Newsletters - advance warning

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Just to let everyone know that there will be a newsletter coming out soon...

There have been issues with some not getting these who do want them and some getting them who don't.

If you do want them then check your account settings and ensure you are a) signed up to receive them b) your e-mail address is correct and c) your filters / spam blockers will not bounce them.

If you don't want them (which begs the question why you are signed up to the website) then check your account settings and ensure you have selected not to receive them.

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Re: Newsletters - advance warning

Ah, well I think that's solved one mystery.
Although the info on the right of the home screen about the newsletter has a box with 'unsubscirbe' on it, leading me to believe that I'm a subscriber, when I checked my account, the subscribe box wasn't ticked. Doh!