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I'm heading across the pond to London around the 20-23(ish) of April and May 4-5(ish). I was wondering if there was any Rankin-esque things that I should take in? Last winter I managed to get to Brentford to see the wonderful display at Gunnersbury Park and to have a pint in 6 of the "7" Brentford pubs (sadly the "Swan" was closed, although the cute bar maid at the "Shrunken Head" made up for that).

Any suggestions?

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There's nothing on the

There's nothing on the agenda at the moment over any of those dates Sad I would suggest a visit to the new home of the Flying Swan - The Magpie and Crown Brentford, and Fangio's bar at the Princess Royal (also Brentford) - the official declarations proclaiming their status should be on the wall somewhere by now Eye-wink

Keep an eye on the events calendar in case something comes along.