Dacon costs and booking

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I am re-posting this subject here as Dacon is an open convention for members and non-members of the goldensprout alike..... Though I do hope to have some special deals available at the convention for members....

To clear up any confusion over the Dacon cost and booking procedure, as I have had a few question how it works, here you go....

it's £40 per person for the convention, this payable via the link (which takes you through the golden sprout paypal system)
The hotel is £70 per night for the room and breakfast (that's for one or two - so get a room buddy to save cost) and then £30 per person for the meal deal - this is all booked direct through the hotel, just let them know it's Dacon you are booking for.
Therefore, if you share the hotel room, it works out per person as £40 convention ticket, £70 hotel room for both nights and £30 for meals - or £140 per person total.
Hope that makes sense.