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government, but I think the risk is bigger: The first, brand should rely on the market to examine, the market will evaluate, if the government uses composite decking prices usa the word that administrative measure will come evaluate, what do not judge certainly is very accurate, can produce very big morality risk or trustful risk. The 2nd, orgnaization of a few brand wins a prize clean composite flooring of bird poop to can be obtained, perhaps judge on the renown actor brand of the whole world or whole nation, may a few abeter search hire behavior, to the evaluation sectional give sb a present, seek a relationship, this may cost of slider deck chairs made of resin have very big corrupt risk, cheap politics risk. The 3rd, if the government is evaluated not accurate, still can produce very big society risk. " Prop up without enough market research hard real time control trademark famous degree Data shows, 2016, our country brand registers application quantity to achieve 3.691 million, rank the world 15 years continuously the first. To the end of this year May, accumulative outdoor 3d pvc wall panels total of our country brand registers a quantity to achieve 15.47 million, average main body of every 7 markets owns an effective brand. Without doubt, our country is the brand big country of be worthy of the name. Chinese trade closes to Zhao Ping points out