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not plank sells the local tyrant of field businessmen. Board industry O2O, experience and be crucial after carry out, in current Internet development trend,mowing near composite deck business of traditional company report is changed won't change, who understands user requirement more, who can be Internet divides a the biggest that in this big cake, who can foretaste arrives benefit. As traditional business, want to develop electronic business affairs,composite handrails for outdoor steps of course cannot too urgent, but also cannot too slow, the enterprise needs to respect the development law of the industry. That is to say this industry bears in development rule degree insufficient when, the market erupts when the point did not come, if exceeding develops, the likelihood is mixed to enterprise itself bad to the industry. So traditional no need to polish floor outdoor tiles board industry wants to do O2O, should respect plank the development rule of this industry, go ceaselessly as this tidewater fluctuate, develop next gradually, take advantage of an opportunity and for,plastic wood panels for outside walls more important is to find a right way, breakthrough bottleneck. [first] annatto endures strike, fine number what lumber is met benefit? Southeast Asia is located in intertropical monsoon climate, climate gets used to the growth of vegetation, because