Wood flooring is usually paved

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wood flooring. Wood flooring is usually paved in a relatively private space, cleaning once a month is appropriate. Chemical fiber fabric, hard to drag, a large number of water alkali will give the wooden floor unnecessary corrosion and damage. without any maintenance measures, the wooden floor will gradually lose its original luster This
situation in the solid wood flooring performance more. Solid wood like the skin, long-term maintenance, luster disappeared. And cleaning and maintenance is completely different, cleaning can not replace the conservation. Floor wax selection is not correct, can also cause loss of the original luster of wood flooring Spray bottle of wax can
often cause loss of light wooden floor. Spray bottle of wax to the wooden floor to bring a mirror-like smooth, reflective, but once the dust and obviously dirty. So repeatedly, the wooden floor soon lost its original uniform luster. poor quality wooden flooring paint can also lead to non-gloss This situation prevails in the 'cheap' wooden
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