activities require the purchase floor

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Members of the above clubs and home improvement clubs, focusing on the members of the group to carry out the summer group buy activities; 2, this event, the famous square to participate in group buy brand, will indicate the original price, market price and buy price. 3, buy program is only valid within 2 days. 4, the club members only need to hold a membership card or manual, you can participate in activities, new members can go to famous Square site membership card, to participate. 5, the group buy activities require the purchase floor area of ​​30 flat / above, before they can participate. Fourth, the rights and interests of members 1, members to the store that is sent to the Member during the ceremony. 2, members during the buy, members enjoy the buy price (see next week's report) 3, members buy floor each floor will receive a gift. Related links: outdoor bathroom ceramic wall tile Roof Decking Pool Design neo composite deck tile