Wooden floor damaged rescue

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All kinds of wood have their own color, light brown elm sapwood; white sapwood, heartwood brown; heartwood beige, sapwood shallower; oak sapwood yellowish, white with brown, heartwood dark brown ; Juglans sepal gray with brown, heartwood light gray brown and so on. Wood appears green, pink or blue stripes, spots, indicating that the wood has mold or has begun to decay.
Wood itself with the knot, often damage the smooth texture, which also greatly reduce the dead knot wood strength, so in the selection and use of special attention should be paid when some wood fibers tilt, twist and other phenomena, this Wood tends to warp along woodgrain, cracking, wood, lower strength.
Once decayed, the color of the material changes, decadent odor, loose and fragile structure should not be used. Worm material will reduce the use of timber value, should try to choose less or no insect eye worm wood.
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Re: Wooden floor damaged rescue

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