feeling of irritating the eyes and throat

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deviation, edge straightness is good, crack, tongue and corners without defects. 4, no formaldehyde flavor coated microcrystalline stone flooring formaldehyde emission should reach the E0 level, with nasal sniffing floor, do not feel irritating smell, such as the feeling of irritating the eyes and throat, formaldehyde release may be relatively high. 5, the color uniform uniform microcrystalline stone flooring color should be uniform, no drum package, bubbling, allowing a
slight color does not affect the decorative effect exists. Xiaobian Summary: No matter what the floor material, microcrystalline stone flooring is the same, manufacturers, sheet quality, color and environmental protection of these aspects we must carefully understand. Today's microcrystalline stone wood floor to buy knowledge, Xiaobian introduced here, and need to know more about building materials, welcome to continue to pay attention to every home decoration
network.Microcrystalline stone wood floor, with a beautiful natural texture, no deformation, not afraid of blisters, do not fade and other characteristics, so widely used in home decoration. So how to install microcrystalline stone wood floor? Following Xiaobian together to learn how to install microcrystalline stone flooring it. 1, to ensure that the ground clean and smooth, to find out the prominent parts of the plane, and then clean the dust. 2, the microcrystalline stone
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