eucalyptus wood face

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But the plywood of face plate of use Yang Mu or eucalyptus wood face plate because the price the plywood under ancient rue face plate, and had been accepted by consumer place, enlarged market share gradually so. Be in Burmese before prohibiting exporting log, the value of ancient rue is relatively inferior, but India can import ancient rue from Laos only now, the price is higher also. The Indian plant that produces ancient rue veneer in Laos says, when the landlord tubal branch is willing to export plywood and not be willing to export the veneer with additional inferior cost, because this can turn costly case further so. Competition of plywood market value is very at present intense, cannot concessional price rises. Lumber of Solomon of near future of market of lumber of Home Zhang harbor takes money rate the fastest,Newest statistic data shows, with compare last week, stocks of merchandise on hand of log of material of Solomon of market of lumber of Home Zhang harbor, Ba Xincai, Malaysia glides somewhat, to on December "make patio blocks out of composite materials,covering a cement porch with decking,planters for composite railings"