Geothermal asphalt pavement regeneration method

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Highway Administration Xinqing support sections according to the provincial highway on the highway system in the province to carry out scientific and technological innovation,electronic road signage science and technology to benefit, contribute to the cause for the road event requirements, and actively respond to the call of the provincial highway, to science and technology, science and technology are for the purpose of the first productive force, give full play and mobilize the broad masses of scientific and technical personnel, maintenance of way employee's talent, and actively participate in science and technology innovation in the production of road maintenance this spring, combined with the actual construction, after repeated experiments successfully developed the "liquid asphalt sealing machine "after road maintenance and construction applications experiment, good performance, convenient and practical.
Xinqing support sections bear 46 kilometers Tonga road maintenance tasks, due to the long winter, cold, by the influence of thermal expansion and contraction, each year in the spring, cracked pavement, is not conducive to driving safety, it must be repaired.maintenance of the road is full in previous years,road signs traffic road closures, construction, time-consuming, laborious, impact on traffic, for Xinqing raising road maintenance machinery set up R & D team, based on the principle of thrift waste utilization, use of existing facilities scrapped, after several repeated research, field testing, and finally successfully developed the "liquid asphalt sealing machine." The road crack sealing machine is transformed from abandoned gas tank is made mainly by the tank, wheels, handle and control the injection asphalt means.
Liquid asphalt sealing machine there are two rear wheels and a front casters, handle and injection unit with pitch control switch pair. Liquid asphalt sealing machine as a result of a caster guiding direction, rotating flexible operation, the controller at the handle asphalt injection, the operation is very convenient, from the past five construction operations into one, a decrease of 4 people, two hours before the completion of 5 1 km pouring,diesel road paver now with one person, one and a half hours to complete the repair, to save time, lower end of the cost, improve the pouring quality, increased efficiency.It is put into use, that is, save time and effort, effectively alleviate the labor intensity of maintenance workers, energy saving and environmental protection, the effect is obvious.

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Re: Geothermal asphalt pavement regeneration method

Paving the road with asphalt is a low-cost building material which is used to save the public, government and contractors time. Asphalt driveways Long Island supplier uses asphalt materials which is used for sealing, patching and paving, It is also used in road construction and maintenance, which can improve the benefits for all road users and the environment.

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Re: Geothermal asphalt pavement regeneration method

Geothermal Asphalt is widely used in our country to make roads. The important thing in an area is a nice road so that area can progress quickly how to get soundcloud plays

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Re: Geothermal asphalt pavement regeneration method Thanks for sharing such a valuable informatio

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Re: Geothermal asphalt pavement regeneration method